Dark Side of the Mind

On The Write Path


I often wrestle with the question of “how dark a story is too dark?”.  Intellectually, I know that being able to plumb the depths of the psyche’s dark well is not in itself a hallmark of a genuinely distubred mind.  Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Jeff Lindsay, all of these and more have written some truly dark material, stories that go straight down to the Hell than can be found in the human soul or that stretch out hands to grasp at the worst insanity the mind can fathom.  I do know this.  Yet, how dark, how depraved can one be before people stop being impressed by your prose and start wondering it it’s a Serial Killer’s Cookbook or the mad ramblings of a maniac?  I often worry that I might write something that will be off-putting or make my fiction too unapproachable.  My counter to that is that ultimately, I must…

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