The “Aha” Moments of 6 Industrious Women Inventors

Inspired By My Mom

It should not be surprising to learn that these inventions were made by women because they were the ones who recognized what could make a day of housework easier and more efficient.  They knew the cost of making a household run effectively and were always trying to make ends meet. The reasons behind the inventions may not always have been the most admirable, as in the case of Josephine Cochrane, but all of them made herstory. would like to salute these women and thank them for their contributions – some providing us with ease and efficiency; others giving us a tasty treat and a bit of fun at the end of a full day.

Sybilla Master's invention, c 1715An early American pioneer, Sybilla Masters was the first person to be given a British patent in America and was possibly one of the first female inventors recognized for her inventions. Although she was from a fairly well-to-do family, she watched…

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