Why Steampunk? Why Now?

For Whom the Gear Turns

Even without the label “steampunk,” the genre has been growing ever since the 1960s. But, “experts” are pointing to the next couple years as the apex; a time when Steampunk will be part of the mainstream rather than a sub- or counter-culture. Which begs the questions, “Why Steampunk?” and “Why now?” IBM has analyzed data from blogs, websites and the like and created the informative graphic at below charting the rise in online chatter.

IBM Steampunk Timeline

 But that is only part of the story. The timeline shows that Steampunk is on the rise, but not why it would appeal to people more now than ever before. This lead me to ask myself what I liked Steampunk and why it resonates with me and so many others, and I think in many ways  it is for the same reason that the early science fiction authors that inspired Steampunk wrote what they…

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