June 1, 2015

Della's Days


I should begin this post with an apology-both to you, reader, and myself.

This is the first time I have failed to write every single day, since I began this project over five months ago. Fatigue from all the preparations really took it out of me, and the first morning in the hotel I slept in until eight am. The evening before was a night of glass and flame. There were three, maybe four different bands, and one played great background for the nights’ performance of fire eaters and glass walkers. It was an interesting ensemble. The fiddle player was Celtic, and his outfit had all the young women in the audience drooling. The older women were drooling, too, but we always do that-! He had on a leather kilt, with leather bandoleers crisscrossing his well muscled chest. He wore a live chick on each shoulder-the poultry version-human chicks…

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