Editing… the creative process

I am in the middle of muddle of editing. I’m editing for other people and I am editing for myself.

I find editing just as creative process as writing.



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8 responses to “Editing… the creative process

  1. Will have to think about that one. For me, the creative side is expansive and the editing side is the scissors, cutting it back to a manageable size. Yet, that cutting back still needs to be creative and expressed welll…or even better. Being succinct is so much harder…at least for me. Will have to consider this further…

    • As a writer, editing my works means I get the final say in what is in the narrative. Editing others’ work inspires me, as I get a real insight into how their creative process works.

      With every act of creation, their is an act of destruction. I see part of the editing process as creative destruction.

      • I love that term “creative destruction”. That makes me feel better about the whole editing and deleting process.

      • I always see the red pen as a healer and a helper … even when it is killing my darlings.

      • I went to a course at the Sydney Writers’ Festival about killing your darlings. Ouch!
        Actually, I’m off to the Sydney Writer’s Festival next week to see pianist Roger Woodward, a session on Dickens and then off to hear Dr Norman Doidge who wrote: “The Brain which Changes itself”. He an expert on neuroplasticity.

      • All of those events will be so inspiring. I wish I was going with you.

      • I’ll hopefully do a write up tomorrow. The sessions were fabulous and like always didn’t know what to expect and had some enlightening insights. I don’t know if anything is ever going to trump not only attending Leunig’s session last year but meeting him in the lift and being able to thank him. The whole place applauded when I sat down. He drew his little duck in my book and I was so touched.

      • And these events always feel like ‘family reunions’ because everyone is of a similar intellectual bent.

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