The sensationally wonderful Adrienne Kress!

My Heart Explodes


I love steampunk heroines, which is obvious if you’ve read my other steampunk-related posts (here). I also love to read YA fiction, which is obvious if you’ve read my other YA-related posts (here). The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress is a YA book about not one, not two, but three steampunk heroines! The defense, by the way, for my love of YA fiction, despite my age (and gender), is stated clearly in the first paragraph of this post (here). Anyway …

I discovered this delightful book after stumbling upon the trailer. Yes, some books have trailers. Most are pretty lame, but some are pretty awesome – like the one for The Friday Society. Watch it here …

The trailer was produced by author Adrienne Kress, directed by Michael Dufays, and written for the (Youtube) screen by Kress and Dufays. I was instantly charmed by this wonderful trailer!…

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