The Absolute Fun of Steampunk

A blog topic after my own heart.

Mind Full of Chatter


A few years ago, I made my first steps into participating in the Steampunk culture. I had known about Steampunk for quite a long time, but never took any action to participate. I was into old west and Victorian era re-enacting and doing a little living history. That made sliding into Steampunk pretty easy.

But what IS Steampunk? It is still a mystery to a lot of people. So here is my take on it. Others may disagree, and that is fine. We all enjoy Steampunk in different ways.

Let’s begin at the when. Steampunk is Victorian era science fiction. Think of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and The Wild, Wild West (both T.V. show and movie). Normal Victorian setting and dress, with little added steam powered thing-a-bobs, whirly-birds and other little inventions that weren’t really around, but made to look as if they were. The fancy leg brace in ‘Hugo’…

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