One of ‘those’ days…. a Steampunk Perspective

Owl in a towel

I need Epsom salts for my brain. I’ve been wrestling with cutting the first three chapters of my Steampunk Work-in-Progress, and I am feeling overwhelmed at this moment in time.



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4 responses to “One of ‘those’ days…. a Steampunk Perspective

  1. Kara Jorgensen

    I feel your pain. With schoolwork up to my eyeballs (including a chapter of my book, which I’m using for class), I am having a very hard time getting any writing done =( Don’t get discouraged. It comes in waves, and it’ll pick up again when things calm down.

    • I’m usually pretty good at coping with writer’s block. It is just having to do a major rewrite when I was so close to thinking that portion of the book was done with.

      • Kara Jorgensen

        That is always a daunting task. I find beginning to be my biggest issue. Pushing that boulder uphill kills me. Just take your rewrite little by little, and hopefully, it’ll go smoothly and without much distress. It’s a daunting task, but you’ll get it done.

      • Very good strategy. I should break the task down to baby steps.

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