Genevieve Cogman’s far from invisible librarian

Strange Alliances


Irene is a librarian who can include in a day’s work, mechanical centipedes, lethal remote controlled alligators and airship pursuits over the roofs of an alternate reality London after an elusive mastermind in the company of a private detective with a distinct whiff of Sherlock Holmes.

Genevieve Cogman discusses the thrilling mayhem that is ‘The Invisible Library’.

Where did the whole idea come from?

The idea of travelling in a library that’s linked to multiple worlds is not really my own to start with. Most famous is Terry Pratchett’s L-Space (short for library-space where large quantities of books create portals that can be accessed using the innate nature of all libraries). There are also plenty of other fantasy libraries in books and some role playing games. The idea is not new.

When I was younger and hanging about in libraries, it was a nice daydream to believe that you could…

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