Constructive Distraction Therapy, Publication and a Competition

Karen J Carlisle

Welcome, dear Reader, to April?s half-time update. I have been applying distraction techniques after the devastating occurrences over the last week. Camp NaNoWriMo has provided well-timed writing therapy ? albeit mostly revisions, editing and formatting.  It is day 10. I have managed the equivalent of 5500 words in revision, just above the scheduled word count. Phew.

campapril2015 0410

COVERViolaStewart_1_shorts_2_1000So far I have concentrated on finishing up my Three Short Stories . A big thank you to Lynne, Susan, Carole and my writing group for all of their help with beta reading, proof reading and editing suggestions.

A few weeks ago I revealed my book cover and book trailer here. I have since tweaked the cover to make it crisper and easier to read.

This week I concentrated on formatting my Three Short Stories for both Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.  Finally? After months of blogging about it. I have done it.

Drum roll, please!

You can…

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