Why Your Argument About Not Needing Feminism is Irrelevant

The Suffragettes would shake their heads in wonder at women claiming they don’t need Feminism. Before you ‘attack’ the Feminist movement, take the time to understand it.

Ready to Stand

Several months ago (which, on the internet, renders a point nearly irrelevant), there emerged a surprisingly popular trend of women explaining why they don’t need feminism. It was in retaliation to people (men and women) holding signs that read “I need Feminism because…” This newer trend was of people (mostly women) holding signs that similarly read “I DON’T need Feminism because…” This appalled me, and I wanted more than anything to post my feelings about it. However, I knew my arguments against it were not in the right place, so I kept my mouth closed.

You see, there is a logical fallacy that a lot of people fall into called “No True Scotsman.” This is what people like to use when a person in the public eye is a bad representation of a group they identify with. People say that members of the Westboro Bapstist church are not really Christians…

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2 responses to “Why Your Argument About Not Needing Feminism is Irrelevant

  1. I thought that it was funny that the source article corrected the spelling of her sign from victum to victim. Perhaps the lady holding the first sign is more of a “victum” than she knows?

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