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Bling is ostentatious jewellery, worn to make a statement. When you are writing, ‘bling’ is doing something showy for the sake of it.Image

It is a matter of taste if you want ‘bling’ in your writing. Some writing is all sparkle and no content – usually gossip columns and some blogs are all bling, and academic writing can be all content and no sparkle. I prefer to write with a balance between the two, so that dry facts have some human interest, and anything light still has some deeper meaning.

So … how do you achieve that balance?

My best example  for adding ‘bling’ would be writing a popular science article – something that starts with dry facts. The brief for one these articles is: explain a science topic in such a way it is understandable to a reasonably intelligent person who has no background in the subject. One way to add…

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