The Symbolism of Ivy: A Steampunk Perspective

Cogpunk Steamscribe

French Late Victorian Early Art Nouveau Necklace Full Of Love Symbolism “I will cling to you or I will die”

In the Victorian era, jewellery wasn’t just for decoration. It was another form of communication, like the language of flowers, fan language, and even the placement of a stamp on envelope could send a secret message. The Victorians had something of a fascination with symbology.

As an evergreen, ivy was one of the only plants to remain green during the cold British Victorian winters. Along with the mistletoe, the holly, and the fir tree, it had a major role to play in decorations for the winter solstice and Christmas. So, originally, its meaning was to do with life and eternity. However, over time, it came to represent  everlasting love, deep friendship, fidelity, or wedded bliss. Apart from being an evergreen and its twining growth habit, I suspect much of the romantic symbology was due to some types of ivy having heart-shaped leaves.

Stunning antique carved Whitby jet large ivy leaf mourning bracelet.

Ivy didn’t just…

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