A few things scientists have taught us

As both a scientist and a writer … I approve of this article.

Tiny Owl Workshop

By day, one of the Tiny Owls (Sue) works with scientists. These scientists make a lot of things and publish a lot of words and an excruciating amount of data. We’ve learnt a lot about commercialisation from the scientists. This is what we’ve learnt.

  1. Not all publishing is about money, but traditional publishing is—in very large part—about commercialising people’s intellectual property (IP).
  2. Publishing is relatively easy. Posting something on a blog (like this) is publishing. Printing a leaflet is publishing.
  3. Commercialisation is hard.
  4. One of the things a publisher has to do is assess how commercialisable (it’s not really a word, but the scientists use it) the intellectual property on offer is: how much work it will be to transform the IP from its current state, into something people would be willing to buy.
  5. No. 4 is not a science.
  6. Sales data is ‘lag data’. It tells publishers and booksellers…

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