Charlotte Perkins Gilman: an article recommendation

"A fiercely independent firebrand" … Charlotte Perkins Gilman, circa 1896.



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4 responses to “Charlotte Perkins Gilman: an article recommendation

  1. Kara Jorgensen

    I loved Herland. I read that along with Conan Doyle’s The Lost World while working on The Earl of Brass. If I remember correctly, they were written a few decades apart, but the contrasts between a male versus female driven lost civilization/world story is quite striking. I liked Herland a lot more than The Lost World, probably because the imperialism aspect was turned on its head by Gilman.

    • There was another book like that written by a Scandinavian woman whose name escapes me right now. She wrote a book where men were in the traditional woman roles, and visa versa, and wrote of a young man who was looking for more rights, equal rights. Have you ever read ‘Flatland’? That was a feminist metaphor written by a man, Edwin Abbott Abbott.

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