March is Women’s History Month – Part 4 – Women in AVIATION

Inspired By My Mom

We have all heard of female aviators and their accomplishments:  Harriet Quimby the first American woman to earn a pilot’s license; Amelia Earhart the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean; and Bessie Coleman the first African-American (male or female) to earn a pilot’s license.  However, there are many unsung female aviation heroes that lent their flying skills to war efforts in Europe during the First and Second World Wars. has chosen to bring attention to some of these female aviators who flew during wartime or in combat missions in honor of Women’s History Month this year.

marie-marvingt-2Born in France in 1875, Marie Marvingt and her family moved to Metz, at that time part of Germany, in 1880.  When Marie’s mother died in 1889, the 14 year old along with her father and brother moved back to Nancy where she found herself in charge of a household…

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