Lots to do at Lake Tahoe, including a steampunk expo

Steampunk Journal

High Desert Steampunk Expo High Desert Steampunk Expo

Lake Tahoe March 23, 2015 – With many unforgettable destinations throughout the state, Nevada has long been a favorite for travelers all year round, shares GetAways Resort Management. In fact, the Reno and Lake Tahoe area of Nevada is a fantastic travel destination because it is full of endless opportunities for entertainment with limited time events, shows, and more. This April, travelers are encouraged to visit the area during a stay at the Tahoe Summit Village in Stateline, which is just a short drive away from the lively nightlife of Reno. Here they can not only enjoy an extraordinary resort stay with luxurious accommodations but also a number of unforgettable events like those recommended here by GetAways Resort Management. 1.    High Desert Steampunk Expo: GetAways Resort Management knows this is one extraordinary event that science fiction lovers will not want to miss. Held on the 18th…

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