Toward an Understanding of the Steampunk Aesthetic

I always enjoy seeing other people defining the Steampunk Aesthetic. The Aesthetic is so many different things to different people, because the Steampunk genre is still in flux and growing daily.


Steampunk Aesthetic

For me, the steampunk aesthetic is perhaps best defined by the object-based work of its fans. The literary tradition can be traced back to the Victorian Era works of H.G. Wells and Jules Vern, or in the more recent era to authors William Gibson and Bruce Sterling and their ground-breaking novel, The Difference Engine, but the steampunk movement truly gained momentum with the fan interaction available through the internet. Web sites, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites created an easily accessible platform for fans of the steampunk genre not only to share pictures of their finished creations, but in many cases to share detailed plans and/or blueprints. Some may see this as ironic—that an art form seemingly dedicated to a simpler time and technology is actively promoted through modern technology—but that would be missing the point. Technology and design are essential to many steampunk enthusiasts and form…

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One response to “Toward an Understanding of the Steampunk Aesthetic

  1. Ah – THE IRONY:
    Item A : His comment about ‘gears’ (‘cogs’, I think he means!)
    Item B : His choice of image.

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