Interview with Steampunk Artist and Designer, Art Donovan, Part 4

Airship Ambassador

Welcome back for the conclusion in our chat with Art Donovan, steampunk author, artist and curator.

Part One can be read here.

Part Two can be read here.

Part Three can be read here.

Airship Ambassador: Another place for people to see your work is in your book, The Art of Steampunk. This revised second edition adds to the first, which showed the exhibits from that exhibition in Oxford, with new works from other artists and yourself. How did the original book and the revision come about?

Art Donovan: Actually, I had all of my own essays written before a publisher had contacted me to do a book on the show. Rather than writing about the other artists myself in the first edition, I asked the artists to describe their works using their own selected pictures. I felt this gave the reader a more genuine…

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