Up the Women!


‘Up the Women’ returns for a second series and my, my, aren’t I glad! Written by and starring Jessica Hynes, ‘Up the Women’ is a quirky look at a movement synonymous with hunger-strikes and the king’s horse. It follows a group of women in a church hall in Banbury striving to obtain Votes for Women, albeit unsuccessfully. The first series placed us in 1910, and saw the Banbury Intricate Craft Circle move from needle-work to women’s suffrage. The Banbury Intricate Craft Circle Politely Request Women’s Suffrage, or BICCPRWS, which simply rolls of the tongue, partakes in various activities to further the cause, including; marches, speeches and hunger-strikes.

Some may think that the Women’s Suffrage movement is an odd, or even unsavoury choice for a sitcom, but this tongue-in-cheek show is really rather heart-warming. The characters are affectionately portrayed and pitched at just the right level of silly. They include the educated…

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