Suffragette film to open on anniversary of 9/11 – a disgrace

Why has this date been chosen? Suffragettes were not terrorists.

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suffragetteThe film, ‘Suffragette’, starring Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan and Helena-Bonham-Carter, was supposed to be opening this January. It now transpires that it will not open until September 11th. Why the delay? Why this date? Could they not have opened on any other date? Is this an horrendously cynical attempt by the film company to get a few extra bums on seats by implying the Suffragettes were terrorists?

The only time I’ve been interviewed about Suffragettes, was by the BBC on the centenary of a couple of Suffragettes damaging David Lloyd-George’s part-built, empty second home, by letting off a small bomb there in the early hours of the morning. Nobody was injured or put at risk. But the interviewer was only interested in the women as terrorists.

And until this Wednesday’s forthcoming Amanda Vickery documentary about Suffragettes, we’ve had to wait 40 years since the drama, Shoulder to Shoulder aired, for…

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