Interview with Steampunk Artist and Designer, Art Donovan

Airship Ambassador

This week we are talking with Art Donovan, steampunk author, artist and curator.

Airship Ambassador: Welcome Art, it is so great to finally catch up with you!

Art Donovan: Hi, Kevin! Thanks for the invitation, I’m glad to be here.


AA: There are so many fun things to chat with you about – your lamps, your writing, and the museum exhibitions which you’ve curated. Let’s start at the beginning, with your design work before exploring the world of steampunk. What was your path which led to working with some impressive corporate names?

AD: Whoa! The Beginning? That would be 1975. I was a mechanical artist at Mego Toys in NYC. I was doing design, paste ups and mechanicals for all of their Superhero toys. It was thrilling. I got to know the illustrators and engineers there and I quickly started working in markers, acrylics and gouache along with making…

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One response to “Interview with Steampunk Artist and Designer, Art Donovan

  1. Thank you, Ms Steamscribe.
    Although I ‘know’ Art Donovan via Facebook, this is another whole insight into the fellow; his history, career, and philosphy.
    Awaiting the 2nd part most anticipatively!

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