A Lighthearted Assessment of this Blog


My last few posts have been of a serious nature. I think it is time to take a breath, sit back, and assess how this blog is doing. I started this blog when I noticed I was writing a lot of notes on my personal Facebook site, and decided it was time to take things to the next level. As you might have guessed from the name, it was to be an outlet for my passion for both writing and for Steampunk. From that point of view, the blog has achieved everything I set out to do.

I use this blog as the warm up for my day’s writing. It is a place to share the research I am doing for my Steampunk novel …so that even if the research never appears in the novel, it isn’t ‘wasted’. It gives me a feeling of connection to the writing and the Steampunk communities. I really enjoy the comments from other people, and this has motivated me to comment more on other blogs. I was kind of a ‘lurker’ for a while. These were advantages I hadn’t counted on when I started this blog.

I know that a lot of writers use their blogs as marketing tools, but that was never my ambition for this blog. I want to entertain and educate. When I do start my website as an author, this blog has given me some strong opinions as to how it will look. It won’t be a full-on marketing tool. Rather, it will act as a fun site to broaden and deepen my audience’s connection to my books and stories. It will be an interactive site, allowing for comments and suggestions and the posting of fanfic and fanart. (Am I the only writer in the world who longs to have other people writing fanfiction and making art about my characters and worlds?) The marketing will be an option, not the main goal.

I find this blog is a greater resource for my own personal growth than I ever expected. And I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for coming along on my journey so far.


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6 responses to “A Lighthearted Assessment of this Blog

  1. I think you have been amazing with your blog, for ideas, and for the consistency of writing blog entries on a regular basis. That is a secret that keeps people coming back to read the blog and makes the whole blog a success!!

  2. All I know about steampunk, I heard from you. I love hearing about it. I would never have encountered it if not for you. Thanks.

  3. “Am I the only writer in the world who longs to have other people writing fanfiction and making art about my characters and worlds?”

    – No.
    I’d love that to start happening for me, too. What an absolute thrill it would be to start seeing my vision ‘brought to life’ via the art and talent of others.

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