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Airship Ambassador


One of the key traits in the evolution of steampunk and the steampunk community is to create. Each and every one of us creates some contribution to steampunk every time we participate, and every day when we simply acknowledge “I am a steampunk.”

Its common knowledge that steampunk made the leap from its roots in literature to being tangible when Jake von Slatt and Richard “Datamancer” Nagy began creating and sharing their visually stunning and elegant computers, monitors, and keyboards. The Maker philosophy grabbed people’s attention to create tangible objects and bring to life the worlds that we had previously only been reading about.


People made their own outfits, accessories, and props. The artwork started coming along with designs we could embrace. And there was music filling the background.

But physical objects aren’t the only things we create. We also create moments and memories. We create experiences, and motivations. We…

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