The Embassy of Steampunk


Airship Ambassador

By Syfer Locke

I consider myself lucky to know a man who refers to himself as the Airship Ambassador, one Kevin Steil. He runs a couple of websites called the Museum of Steampunk and the Airship Ambassador. He uses these sites to help people learn about Steampunk, who is doing what, what is out there, and how to get involved. Through his sites, and the information on them, one can learn everything they need to know to get involved in our little corner of creativity. Another man I consider myself lucky to know is Justinian Stanislaus, better known as the Emperor of the Red Fork, who has hosted events he names the Embassy of Steampunk. These events, like Kevin’s websites, are an introduction to all of the things Steampunk can be. There is art, music, food, friends, and fun. These men are inspirational to me. They, among others, embody, to…

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