Steampunk Stereotypes (and how to avoid them)

This post has some great reading suggestions for the Steampunk Literary genre, so I am reblogging it.

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Helen as Sophie Watson ‘A Room With A View’

Helena-Bonham-Carter-in-The-Lone-Ranger-3-jpg Red Harrington; Image from the recent remake of ‘The Lone Ranger’.

Here we have two pictures of the same actress: Helena Bonham Carter. Period dress is kind of her thing, so that it doesn’t take much effort to find her in Victorian or Edwardian costumes. The first outfit isn’t Steampunk (but could be modified to meet the Aesthetic), while the other outfit is pure Steampunk. A prosthetic leg modified to be a weapon? Genius!

The Steampunk genre has it own stereotypes, just like any other literary genre.

To name a few examples (most of these can be of any gender):

  • The Airship Pirate
  • The Intrepid Explorer
  • The Genius Engineer/Inventor
  • The Mad Scientist
  • The Evil Scientist
  • The Living Robot
  • The Trickster/Thief who is secretly a Rebel Leader
  • The Plucky Girl (often disguised as a boy)
  • The Pilot/Captain (of airship, submarine, mole machine, etc.)
  • The Scheming Gold Digger

There are…

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