Noveltini Guidelines

I’m sharing this, but my goal is to have a story accepted by Tiny Owl.

Tiny Owl Workshop

What’s a Noveltini, you ask? Well, they’re small books of 10,000 to 25,000 words – that’s smaller than your average novella.

Noveltinis may be self-contained or serialised.

They are the kind of stories that seem small but leave you feeling bigger, somehow.

They’re stories written for adult or young adult readers, but may have child protagonists.

These stories may be set in this world or some other world, and in the here and now or the once upon a time.

Noveltinis offer readers something more than ‘she had porcelain skin and cerulean blue eyes.’ They offer readers a genuine diversity of characters, but don’t beat readers over the head with issues or adjectives.  Noveltinis are about the characters and their journeys, and the quality of the writing.

Noveltinis may be fast-paced, quiet, funny, grim, dark, understated, adventurous, suspense-filled or heart-melting. They have a strong tendency not to be about vampires…

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