The Hybrid Temporality of Steampunk

I always love to see other people’s take on Steampunk. This makes an excellent point about the ‘time’ of a Steampunk Setting.



In literature, steampunk falls under the genre of speculative fiction. Steampunk can refer to modern narratives set in Victorian England or the American Old West. It can also be set in a futuristic world that incorporates aesthetic touchstones of the late Eighteenth Century and early Nineteenth century periods in either country. Steampunk allows authors and readers to indulge in projections and fantasies about this particular era by using the tropes and techniques popular in speculative fiction; yet these writers are producing a thoroughly modern work. Writers (and readers) of steampunk have a chance to explore, and to expose, the influences of society and technology in the past, in the present, and in the potential future.

In many ways, writers in the Victorian Era provide an idea source of inspiration for authors who write modern-day steampunk. At that time, England was in the throes of the first industrial revolution in world…

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