My bicarbonate of soda brings all the tannins to the yard…

I always enjoy seeing secondhand items used in creative ways to make something new and beautiful.


My lovely wife found a couple vintage washboards at a second hand store and, based on something she saw on the Pinterbooktubespace, wanted me to make her a small table or lamp or some combination thereof. So, we made a trip to Home Depot and picked up some small brackets, a porcelain light fixture and plug, and a rough hewn cedar fence board.

I would have rather have salvaged a piece of barn scrap rather than buy a new board but my normal source for that kind of wood wasn’t available.


This post isn’t so much about the how-to to construct the little table because that was about as simple as it gets but is more about aging new wood to more closely match the old wood of the washboards. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos that suggested different chemicals and voodoo magic and decided to try this method

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