Community Building: A Steampunk Perspective

February will see the online celebration of all things Steampunk! The theme for Steampunk Hands Around The World 2015 is Our Playground, Our Classroom, Our Workshop. As anyone knows who read this blog or follow Steampunk Sunday on Facebook, I am a big believer in community building and this theme covers all the aspects I enjoy most in my Steampunk Community.

Our Playground: My friends and I have social occasions where we all make an extra effort to dress from our Steampunk wardrobe. This might be to a friendly coffee morning, a visit to a museum or an event, turning up to a pop culture conference, or just having a party. Being with a group of friends in the mood to have fun increases everyone’s fun factor exponentially. The friends I’ve made in my tribe are some of the best people I know. As well, I read Steampunk-themed books, watch Steamy movies and television shows, and surf the net for Steampunk-related images and articles. I’m sure you do the same … and so Steampunk is your playground too.

Our Classroom: I give seminars on what Steampunk means to groups, in libraries, and at conferences. I try to demystify the Steampunk literary genre, the Steampunk movie genre, Steampunk music and the alternative lifestyle. I find a lot of people are ready to embrace the Steampunk genre once they know what Steampunk really is. Education is the key to understanding and tolerance. I also use social media to educate, as do many others in the Steampunk worldwide community.

Our Workshop: This means several things to me. My community often holds ‘workshops’ to make Steampunk clothing and accessories. I also know several wonderful artisans, craftspeople and makers who make Steampunk gear and jewellery and gadgets as their career. And then, there are the writers and artists who work in the Steampunk Aesthetic. This blog is my workshop.

During February, I will be dedicating this blog to Steampunk Hands Around The World. I would encourage your own participation, because what you put in is returned tenfold!


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