When the Writing Loves You Back


Today, I couldn’t seem to get a word out that didn’t clink and clunk it’s way down the hillside. The words just didn’t want to come…even when I switched over to another project, which usually does the trick. So I went and cleaned my eldest child’s room, and found all our missing white socks.

However, there are days when the words love me. Days when they spill over the top of my imagination and fill my pages with song. Days when the words fly from my heart, free, free, free… Days when I can be sitting at my desk, but also roaming the mountain peaks of fresh, clean prose.

Those days when the writing loves you back. The days when you write that perfect story, where every balances out and all the words resonate like bells.

This was not one of those days. However, I’ve been having days like that more and more often. Maybe tomorrow…


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