An Understated Rant on Fantasy Women (Part Two): YOUR CHARACTERS ARE ALL MODELS!

Perfect humans are bad, lazy characterization.

James Wolanyk

Some of you reading the title of this article may (somewhat falsely) assume that I’m trying to instill confidence and concepts of self-love into your characters. This is not the case, because many of them are probably already far more attractive than they should be. Before I go any further, I want to make a brief note about the appearance of characters across all media.

So, bear with me, dear reader.

You see, modern day campaigns of true beauty (think of those strangely emotional appeals to body image found in soap commercials and training bra advertisements) are focused around the presentation of demographically-targeted media. Young girls are being shown images of unrealistic beauty standards, and as a result, their own self-worth is decreased, and society starts pointing fingers. Yet we never point fingers at one of the most interesting sources of this issue: the refined world of literature.

Many young…

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