A Brief Tangent on Representations of Fantasy Women (Part one)

This article makes a very good point. You can’t change one part of a culture and ignore the fact that it would have knock on effects on the rest of the culture.

James Wolanyk

Hello, dear reader. Many of you seem to enjoy the writing posts more than anything else (fiction, I mean), so I figured I would indulge you. Something that has been consistently nagging me (more than usual, I should note) is the fantasy portrayal of females. My title may be slightly misleading, since I intend to address the characterization of all females, from the young to the elderly. Maybe not as much of the latter, but certainly of the former.

So, what’s wrong with females in fantasy, dear reader?

There are a few things, but it should be noted that not all of them are inherently and decidedly wrong. In fact, many of them have considerable historical backing, and one would be (more or less) correct in assuming that a great deal of popular fantasy gets it right with female characters. The most important example in this wrong-but-not-wrong situation is…

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2 responses to “A Brief Tangent on Representations of Fantasy Women (Part one)

  1. Thank you so much for your reading patronage on these articles, and the reblog. I’m always enchanted by the things you post, so I became a bit giddy to see you share some of my little musings. 🙂 Much appreciated, and a good evening to you!

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