Shopping for Steampunk Enthusiasts.

In less than two weeks, I will be attending several Christmas parties. My friends tend to expect Steampunk-themed presents. This is easier said than done, but I tend to ‘steam up’ gifts and individualize them.

victorian tree with traditrional ornaments

This involved more than ‘just gluing cogs on it’. I try to construct presents that fit into the real zeitgeist of the Steampunk movement: recycle, remake, reuse. True creativity come from making something that is both functional and beautiful (just like the Victorians did). This take more time and care, but the results are worth it.

So what constitutes a ‘Steampunk’ gift? It should have something of the Steampunk Aesthetic. It should delight the eye by being clever. One of the best homemade gifts I ever saw was a mobile made from Christmas ornaments made over to look like airships and balloons.

Christmas bauble turned into a hotair balloon; image from the hopemorestudio.blogspot website 02Steampunk airship made from bauble; image from Pinterest.

So let your imagination take control. Embroider a pair of driving gloves with cogs or velocipedes. Make a cane from an old broom handle and a fancy doorknob. Decorate a hat.

My own self-decorated hat

My own self-decorated hat

Have fun!


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One response to “Shopping for Steampunk Enthusiasts.

  1. wsmarble

    What terrific ideas, particularly those punked ornaments. Good things sure do come in small packages, and anyone can manage an ornament or two each season!

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