Understanding Copyright Law in Online Creative Communities (CSCW 2015)

A good article on a tricky topic, no matter where you live in the world.

Casey Fiesler

12438670664_52614c995d_z I was in law school for three years and have stacks of books like this – yet I don’t even always know the answers to the questions these creators are asking!

Copyright is a difficult area of the law, but now with so many of us creating content online, it actually matters for normal people and not just lawyers and corporations. The law around reuse and remix is particularly confusing, and this kind of creativity is really common: everything from remix videos on YouTube to image memes shared on Facebook. In online communities where people share creative work, it’s not surprising that copyright is a frequent subject of conversation as creators try to work out what’s okay and what’s not, while negotiating multiple sources of rules like law, website policy, and social norms. We wanted to better understand the challenges that they face in this uncertain legal environment, and how…

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