The Mistress: A Steampunk Feminist Perspective

I’m having Doctor Who withdrawals. What about you?

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Missy Missy

Oh, how I enjoyed the resolution of the enigma of Missy – revealed to be the Mistress, the female incarnation of the Master. It was even better than I hoped. The interaction between Miss and the Doctor was charged with sexual tension. All the Doctor/Master shippers must have been screaming with delight. I know I was.

Missy wears a classic late Victorian/early Edwardian nanny’s outfit, just like Mary Poppins would wear (shades of Clara in the Christmas special?); her outfit is perfectly situated in the Steampunk Vicwardian era. Her outfit complements the Doctor’s outfit, her skirt and jacket are plum with black trim, his black jacket is lined with red, and both are wearing collared white shirts completely buttoned up. They look like a couple visually, which is a clever use of wardrobe. She has a lot of gadgets …so I’m calling her a Steampunk Icon!

doctor with missy

From a feminist viewpoint, this is…

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