Getting a Paid Gig – HUZZAH!

Is there anything better than getting paid to do what you love? I don’t think so.


For the next three weeks or so, I am doing some contract writing. I’m going to apologise in advance if posts on this blog become a little erratic, but I am sure you all understand. I have to pour all my best efforts into the paid work, as that is only fair.

I know that my writing on this blog and on my science articles for Voyager Online and Paper Droid assisted me in getting this contract. I used one of my science articles as an example of my writing, and I referred to this blog in my resume. I was applying for a job (which I didn’t get) but they were so impressed with my prose that I am now doing some content rewrites for their website. Huzzah!

This is the best example of how writing begets writing. I always try to take risks and do my best work. And now I have the opportunity of three weeks of writing that will showcase my prose in the business arena. And get paid for it!


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