The Identity of Missy is Revealed! Dark Water: a Doctor Who Episode Review

Really SERIOUS Spoilers, Sweetie. Be Warned!

Peter Capaldi

Go to Hell

Well, after watching this episode, you could knock me over with a feather. I just sat and hugged myself for about five minutes.

First things first … I really didn’t suspect what was going to happen to Danny Pink. That was a shock. Finally, when Clara is finally going to come clean…blammo! I felt like howling. And then we get to see his afterlife?

I was touched by the Doctor’s unconditional devotion to Clara. That is real friendship. When the chips were down, he delivered.

But … let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Missy is the Mistress, who was the Master. We (the fangirls who shipped the Doctor and the Master) FINALLY got the Doctor and Master kiss! Except it wasn’t the Yaoi action we had be hoping for … and I wasn’t one bit disappointed. That kiss! The three little kisses on the nose. Adorable. And Missy is dressed in a Mary Poppins-style of outfit, hearkening back to the Christmas episode with the Victorian Clara.

Who can’t love the Mistress. (K9 would have been a tad confusing if still around.) The Cybermen were only incidental to the who revelation that Miss was the new incarnation of the Master. This is even better than the Rani turning up!



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6 responses to “The Identity of Missy is Revealed! Dark Water: a Doctor Who Episode Review

  1. wsmarble

    I love the new Doctor; he’s so multidimensional (no pun intended here), personality-wise. This particular episode also shocked me, on two fronts. First, it was such a deep, unexplored theory, featuring both scientific elegance AND a further surprise twist…quite an achievement. Secondly, I recall the early days, when the special effects budget for Doctor Who seemed to be about $35 per episode…in 1970’s money. The visual effect of last night’s episode was remarkable.

    • You might laugh, but I loved (and still love) the low budget sets and costumes. It was like being in a theatre, where the audience has to use their imagination to make the magic happen. My favourite low budget effect in the new Doctor Who series was the kittens used in ‘New Earth’ as infant feline humanoid/human hybrids.

      And if Doctor Who didn’t have a surprise twist, I would be most disappointed.

      I agree that the new incarnation is a fascinatingly complex character. He is both more alien and more human that the previous incarnations. His obvious sexual attraction to Missy! His deep and abiding friendship to Clara. His fallibility, such as being unable to keep his promise to the lady dinosaur. Excellent stuff!

  2. Correction … not the episode ‘New Earth’, but the episode ‘Gridlock’.

  3. That was a great episode, I was so shocked too 😦 I can’t wait to see what happens next week

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