9 Writing Tips You Shouldn’t Obey, Except When You Should

All of this is excellent and advice and every writer needs a good laugh once in a while.

Mindless Productivity

Writing is the worst thing in the world, except when it’s the best thing in the world.

Do you want to write? Of course not. Nobody does. You want to be a writer. Here’s some advice that won’t help you…unless it does.

1. Don’t Take Criticism Personally. No, Wait. ALWAYS Take Criticism Personally.

Every writer knows that criticism is important and that you should never take it personally.

That’s stupid.

Someone looked at the words you personally selected, the sentences you crafted just the way you like, the plot you poured your heart and soul into, and then said, “I disagree with the choices you made, and by extension, everything you value and believe in.” Criticism is the ONLY thing you should take personally.

Ridding yourself of emotion isn’t a stairstep to success. Look at the great writers, and you know what they have in common? Crippling depression. Not taking…

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