The Care Taker: a Doctor Who episode for the fangirls

If you haven’t yet watched this episode: SPOILERS ALERT! Come back after you’ve seen it.

Peter Capaldi

I am an unashamed fangirl when it comes to Doctor Who. The First Doctor, played by William Hartnell, was my first Doctor, and this new incarnation reminds me of the Doctor’s origins. The First Doctor was mysterious and moody, wiry and tough, a genius with monumental reserves of knowledge who was also a bit forgetful and not quite up-to-date with human behaviour. Capaldi is all that, with an extra topping of energy and wild eyebrows.

My favourite character this episode? Disruptive Influence. The Doctor isn’t as secretive about the TARDIS as previously. In fact, he seems rather inclined to show her off. He still enjoys being cryptic though.

I really like the double meaning of the title. As a writer, I am more than a little obsessed with good titles, and this one is perfect. You might start off thinking it refers to the Doctor’s undercover character, but as the episode progresses you realise that it could refer to Clara and/or to Danny. The interaction of the three main characters is more important that the actual ‘alien threat’ of the episode. The more I see of Danny, the more I like him.

As to discovering more about the Doctor … several of the conversations he has with Clara gives you the idea that his ‘how you look’ comments may be evidence of his sense of humour and not of his lack of noticing. After all, the Doctor sees everything. This episode also gives an insight as to why he might seem to be pushing Clara away … human beings don’t live for very long. This has been an issue with the Doctor and his companions before.

Well, this wasn’t meant to be a lengthy breakdown of the episode. Tomorrow, business as usual, looking at how post-colonialism and its impact on the Steampunk Genre.

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