Using background music for inspiration


Do you wake up in the morning with a tune stuck in your head? Does your life have a soundtrack? Then you are probably the sort of writer that responds well to music to inspire your muse.

I use music to help create a mood, an atmosphere, a sense of time and place. I favour using music when I really need to nail a certain sensation, like grief or struggle. Some of my favourites are Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt for Sad scenes, and the Proclaimers for any action scene needing lots of energy. Some music and songs tell stories, and sometimes I need to capture those stories on a page. These stories may have no bearing on the actual lyrics.

You might use music to give your character depth, or evoke a setting. You don’t have to use inspirational music in the same way as I do, as inspiration is a fickle thing. That’s the point. Inspiration takes us all in different ways, and I don’t think any two writers are inspired the same way by the same music.



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2 responses to “Using background music for inspiration

  1. I love music, it can make you sad, glad, get you going, make your day, and yes music can inspire you…just have to worry about that you are inspired and not breach the copyright of the song or tune.,.

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