The Steampunk Charity Ball

Steampunk Ghosterbusters


Last weekend was the Steampunk Charity Ball, run by the Steampunk Ghostbusters of Australia, based here in Brisbane. This was the first time I was so involved in running a major event. The photo above is of the committee members, including me. As you can see, we threw ourselves into getting the details right.

Matt the Tinkerer (the gentlemen on the far left of the photo) planned and constructed most of our props ad Ghostbuster backpacks. I actually helped with construction and decorating of the backdrop, with Rick (the gentleman wearing the black bowler under the ‘ghost’); helping put it together and covering it with the brick-mimicking wallpaper. What you can’t see in this photo are Matt’s clever touches… the washing machine door converted into a ‘ghost containment unit’, the mock industrial fan, the pipe dripping green ectoplasm, the mock-up of a Victorian era camera on a tripod. Our Ghostbuster equipment is sheer genius.

Matt did the majority of the prop’s work, and deserves a medal. In a way, he got one. He proposed to his partner, the beautiful Colleen (the woman with the long, luscious red hair, beside Matt), and was accepted. This was the high point of the night to me, turning the ball from a party into a real celebration.

I spent time with my friends, and we raised over AUS$4800 for the Cancer Council of Queensland. It was a great night. Every one of the committee members is a real treasure.


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