Second Half of the First Draft

The allergy specialists were flummoxed.

It was obvious to both courts that Princess Odette couldn’t marry Prince Yannick, even if the couple were willing. The two countries were going to have to find alternate ways to strengthen their diplomatic ties, rather than making an alliance through marriage. It was a disastrous result after so much planning.

It was Odette who made the suggestion that they turn the wedding celebrations into a festival. After all, she argued, people had travelled from all over the world to see a royal wedding, and it would be unfair to disappointment them completely. It was Nick who suggested that they turn the event into a yearly festival, to draw the tourist trade. They offered to help organise the festival.

When they met, they were always very careful not to touch. Most of their communication was by email and phone. Over the years, they became firm friends, even each other’s best friend. After all, they shared many of the same experiences, as the scions of royal houses.

***There needs to be an incident that brings them back together.***

By ‘declaring their love for each other’, their respective families can’t try to marry them off to other people!! A win/win situation for them both. They seem to be adhering to the plans their families made for them, and so no further attempts can be made to marry off the ‘tragic couple’.

Just after Odette had obtained her medical degree, they suddenly realised they were in love. In fact, they had been in love for years.

The last scene should be of them eating wedding cake.


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4 responses to “Second Half of the First Draft

  1. Accident Report: Prince Yannick of the realm has been hospitalized. He was out riding his much love Harley motorbike when he was injured in an accident, as he failed to take a bend in the road. The Prince’s reported condition is good. It had been reported that he is being attended by Princess “Odette” . She should be able to fix him body and soul!

  2. Hope your like my little suggestion!

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