Leaving the Muse to do his Work


If men have female muses, it makes sense a woman would have a male muse. In the halls of my imagination, my muse resembles James McAvoy, shuffling through my files to come up with suggestions and solutions. Over the past five days, I’ve been giving my muse a chance to consider several writing-related issues. He is feeling a little stressed.

I’ve been shuffling ideas around for the Cake short story. I’ve been researching food allergies – which seems to be a rather fashionable topic on the internet. There is so much misinformation as well as nuggets of gold. I prefer to base my stories on real science, even when they are set in an alternative universe, and so I’ve been focussing on actual medical research.

As well, I’m still working my way through the editing of my two novels, and editing a story for Tiny Owl Workshop’s Lane of Unusual Traders anthology.

As well, I had a rather full weekend of social engagements. I can’t say that I am bored!

All of this means that  – even though I am not actually writing – I am doing a lot of writing-related activity. It is important to remember that writing is only part of a writing career. Still, I always try to find an hour every day to just sit and write in, even if nothing useful comes from the words I put down. To my mind, writers write. At the moment, I mostly am making notes about food poisoning in that hour. I’m sure my muse is working hard in that hour.


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