How Steampunk has improved my social life

Just over two years ago, I moved towns. I was moving back close to somewhere I had lived before, but I really only had two friends in the area I was moving into. I spent a year finding my feet again.

I joined a writing group, which helped matters immensely. But the writing group only meets once a month. I’ve made friends with everyone in the group, but it is only a small group of people.

Then I became active in the Steampunk community, and wow, have things changed. I have to turn down invitations, because I simply can’t keep up with everything that is going on. I have made a LOT of friends, and reconnected with one woman I was friends with in primary school, and all these friends are warm-hearted people who enjoy the Steampunk alternative lifestyle. Most of these people I met firstly through social media. Some I met at conventions and events.

As a writer, I hadn’t really considered that there could be a whole group of people that would share my interests. I came to Steampunk through the literary arena, but have branched out into many other fields, like cosplay and themed events. I think it is marvellous, because I like to have a life outside of the boundaries of my head. Better yet, knowing a group of highly creative people seems to keep my own creative juices lively.

I would recommend reaching out to your own community.



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